Saturday, 18 May 2019

What is professor

Most engineering colleges in the state, including Boys and Women Engineering, are only dependent on Reader and Lecturer. There is no professor in any of these departments. No AICTE-NGOs and UGC and State Government are concerned about it. If this is the case then the 'professorship' post will end in these colleges.
In the state only till 1995-96, there were MBMs of Jodhpur, Kota Engineering and a number of private engineering colleges. In the last 20-25 years, more than 100 colleges of government engineering and private sector have been opened in Ajmer, including Boys and Women Engineering, Bikaner, Baran, Jhalawar, Banswara, Bharatpur. In these, the number of seats has increased to more than 55 thousand. There is no departmental professor in 90 percent of the state except one ace college. Reader and lecturer are working to make technocrats for the country.
Teachers in college and university become proficient under direct recruitment or career advancement scheme. Under the academic experience, research paper, text book writing and other rules, a lecturer is made a professor with a reader and a reader. In the academic world, professor is considered to be the highest office. The Institute has the benefit of its experience, the department benefits. The SICTE and UGC itself have set mandatory minimum mandatory professors, two readers and three lecturers.
No Professor at New College Most of the government engineering colleges opened after 1997-98 are not department wise professors. From the beginning, the lecturer and reader are teaching the students. A career promoter in the Career Advancement Scheme of the Reader is not being promoted or even the direct recruitment of Professor in the college. In private college, the situation is worse. In most colleges, only lecturers are employed. AICTE and UGC have proved to be failing to save rules made

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