Saturday, 18 May 2019

university election

Preparing to close the historic student union of the country, it will no longer be the election---
Prayagraj | The historic student union building of Oxford, the East is preparing to lock again. The University administration has decided to end the student union elections, which will play an important role in strengthening the country's democracy and giving the Prime Minister of Allahabad University. Administration has filed an affidavit in the Allahabad High Court to implement the student council system in the university campus. The court gave its decision to Lyngdoh
Chitranjan Kumar, Public Relation Officer of Allahabad University has informed that the University administration has decided to implement the system of student council in the university. The information given to the court is given to the court. It is noteworthy that under Clause 6.1.2 recommended by Lyngdoh, it has been said that where the environment of the university campus is turbulent and stable, there is no possibility of peaceful elections in the campus, there should be arrangements of the student council. After becoming a central university, Allahabad special
Chittaranjan Kumar said that the Supreme Court had given the recommendation of the Lyngdoh Committee to clear the student union elections from Dhanbal and Bahubal. Lyngdoh Committee recommended two models for the student union. The committee has said that direct voting has been done for small university campuses like JNU and Hyderabad. He has said that Lyngdoh has clearly instructed the student council in the situation of a disturbed environment or for the large campus. On May 17, 2019, the university's affidavit was filed in the High Court

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