Sunday, 19 May 2019

The country's 765 engineering-management colleges, locked up, finished 4.24 lakh seat

The country's 765 engineering-management colleges, locked up, finished 4.24 lakh seat

All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) will now enroll in only 32 lakhs and 9 thousand seats in courses such as engineering, management, pharmacy and architecture. It is to say that after locking the 765 engineering-management colleges in the country, 4.24 lakh seats have been reduced
AICTE has locked 237 colleges in the country. Council says that these colleges were not studying while meeting the rules. There are also 226 colleges who have refused to continue their studies in colleges

These colleges say that they are not getting students even in the prescribed seats. Because of which the college expenses are not able to come out. These are the colleges which will no longer enroll themselves in 2019
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The complete list of colleges which have been locked by the Council and who have closed their colleges by themselves can be viewed on the Council's website. The experts associated with the council show that with the closure of these colleges, 4.24 lakh seats of engineering, management, pharmacy and architecture etc. have become lesser in the country.
But the second, third and fourth year studies will continue to be done by the college in the same way. It is noteworthy that in the year 2018, 545 colleges were locked, so that 3.30 lakh seats were reduced in different courses.

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Professor of Dr. BR Ambedkar University, has to say, "The biggest reason for locking colleges and decreasing the seats is that the courses running in ours are not updated. Because of which students who read them do not get good jobs. Therefore, the coming of the students has decreased. However, now AICTE has taken some steps to include some new courses and updated the old course. But these steps have been raised from a very distance.

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