Sunday, 19 May 2019

MMMUT from IIT Kanpur will now do research

MMMUT from IIT Kanpur will now do research
Madan Mohan Malviya Technology University has tied up with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur for the purpose of enhancing academic cooperadonon sansthaon ke beech ak... More MOU on increasing academic and academic cooperation between the two institutions Feedback Swap to Hindi MOU on increasing academic and academic cooperation between the two institutions Students of MMMUT can now also internship at IIT Kanpur. The objective of this agreement is to develop joint educational programs between the two institutions, collaborate in Skill India and Digital India programs, interact with teachers and students, conduct joint research projects, and jointly organize other academic conferences, seminars, technical workshops Etc. to organize. Web results FREE Hindi to English Translation - Instant English Translationion. The agreement was signed by both the heads of the bodies on Saturday. On behalf of MMMUT on the MOU in Kanpur, Vice Chancellor Prof. Srinivas Singh while IIT Kanpur's Director Prof. Abhay Karandikar signed.Under this agreement, teachers of IIT Kanpur will assist in enhancing the quality of teachers of MMMUT through various programs. IIM Kanpur's teacher MMMUT will also be invited to lecture on special subjects
MMMUT teachers and research students will be allowed to use academic facilities like library, laboratories and e-facilities at IIT Kanpur. MMMUT students will also be able to do internships at IIT Kanpur. According to the agreement, the teachers of IIT and MMMUT jointly will be able to direct research projects of postgraduate students.It is also a provision in the agreement that both institutions will be able to cooperate in other academic activities of mutual interest other than written activities in the agreement.
In the last two years, MMMUT has made mutual agreements for academic cooperation from various national and international institutes and universities, in line with the suggestions and intentions received under 'Technical Education Quality Improvement Program' organized by the All India Technical Education Council, New Delhi. The agreement from IIT Kanpur is another important step towards increasing mutual cooperation from various national and international institutions.
This will not only enhance the quality of educational programs of MMMUT, but also better opportunities for students and researchers. MUUU from MMMUT has happened from many important institutions MMMUT has established the University of Ryukes Japan, Carlos University of Spain, Warsaw University of Poland, University of Wisconsin America, North Dakota State University of America, Science and Technology Council of Uttar Pradesh, Bioxis DNA Research Center, Hyderabad,NIT Surat, MNNIT Prayagraj, IIIT Prayagraj, National Environment Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur and Tata Consultancy Services have entered into an agreement for education, research and training.

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