Sunday, 19 May 2019

In the nomination of the student union president, in the matter of nomination

In the nomination of the student union president, in the matter of nomination

Darbhanga Lalit Narayan Mithila University is now complaining about the nomination of the student union president Madhumala Kumari. All anti-student organizations have opened their fronts, accusing the accused of filing nomination. Aisa, AISF, SFI, student JDU, student RJD, JAP, NSUI, Mithila Student Union have agitated in this university headquarter and the university administration has assured all these organizations to ensure fair and regulatory action.Here, after being vocal and furious of anti student organizations, the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad also broke its silence. ABVP is now accusing the opponents of working maliciously and being ill. Now the rhetoric has started from both sides. However, in the meantime, the university administration has assured the student organizations that the process of action is going on. The Vidyavastha's favor is that according to the student union rules any dispute should be settled through grievance redressal koshang. A meeting of the Koshang has been held.
The next meeting is to be held on Monday in which the vigilance administration has given the assurance of final decision to the agitators. In such a situation, now everyone's eyes are fixed on Monday's meeting.
If the action is not taken, then the anti: Students organizations, who oppose the nomination of the student union president, say that if the University administration does not make the right decision in this matter, then the agitation will be more intense rather than pausing. Anti student organizations say that the admission test procedure for enrollment in PG is prescribed.
Common students get nomination under this process. However, all the rules were kept in the nomination of the student union president. It is alleged that this kind of work was done under the influence of the organization. On this basis, the opposition is also challenging the election. They say that when nomination is fake, how can election be correct? Says Sandeep Chaudhary, State Co-Secretary of AISI, "There was a lot of pressure in the offline nomination process, but since the online process started, everything is clear.
On the objection of ABVP, they say that in case of vacancy, the nomination of students who have applied online, but who has not applied online, how can they be nominated? There are many such students who continued to be heading the university headquarters for their nomination, but they were not enrolled even after the seat was vacant. In such a case, the nomination of the person who did not apply has only been shown by the dual policy of the University administration.
Vision Administration framed between party and opposition: In the case of nomination of the student union president, now the Vidyavasi administration has got caught in the middle of the Opposition. Whatever decision the university administration now makes, the agitation is not going to stop. In the light of the assurances given to the opponents, if decision is taken to cancel enrollment of the student union president from the grievance redressal Koshang on Monday, then ABVP will oppose it. If the case is hanged then the anti-student organization will again be furious.In both cases, it is decided that the headquarter of the University headquarters is to be built.

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