Sunday, 19 May 2019

Allahabad University prepares to set up student council instead of student body

Allahabad University prepares to set up student council instead of student body
It is difficult for the student wing of Allahabad University (EVU) to be elected this time. The university administration is in the process of bringing the student council instead of the student council. The Registrar of the Evival has clarified the University's intention, while affirming the recommendations of the Lyngdoh Committee, in the High Court. Although this arrangement can be implemented only when the proposal to pass the proposal in the meeting of the Academic Council and Council of the University of the University.It is expected that the administration of the university can seal the proposal for this effect in the days to come. In the affidavit, citing the recommendation of the Lyngdoh Committee, it has been discussed mainly on two points. The Lyngdoh Committee says that in the event of a disturbance in the university environment where the election is already held, essentially the model of the student council should be implemented in the university.
At the same time, the committee has made direct voting in small university campuses like JNU, University of Hyderabad. But where the university campus is large, the number of students is quite high and there is no environment for elections, the student council should be formed there. On the basis of this affidavit given by the university, the discussion has become intensified that the decision to constitute a student council may be decided soon after dissolving the student union.The Supreme Court had only implemented the recommendation of the Lyngdoh Committee across the country to free the student union elections from money and muscle. Lyngdoh Committee recommended two models for the student union elections. The committee has said that direct voting has been done for small university campuses like JNU and Hyderabad. In the event of a disturbed atmosphere by Lyngdoh and explicitly the student council was instructed for the big campus

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