Sunday, 19 May 2019

AICTE's action on not fulfilling standard, CSA reduced 10 percent of engineering seats

AICTE's action on not fulfilling standard, CSA reduced 10 percent of engineering seats
Candidates of Chandrashekhar Azad Agriculture and Technology University, Kanpur will be admitted in 10 percent fewer seats from the scheduled seats in 2019-20. In not fulfilling the standard, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has taken action to cut 10 percent of the university's engineering department. The University administration has decided to make the government aware of the seat cut. In addition, new seats will be admitted in lesser seats.
The academic council meeting was held in the chairmanship of Vice Chancellor Dr. Sushil Soloman on Friday in Chandrasekhar Azad Agriculture and Technology University. There are mainly two points discussed in the meeting. The first issue was taken into consideration of action taken by AICTE.
The Council had carried out surveys about the standard in the technical institutes across the state. In this case, whatever institution did not meet the standard, action was taken as seat cut, no-admission. CSA Engineering Department did not meet the Council's standards. This led to 10% reduction of seat control of the department
University administration also agreed on not fulfilling the standard. It was then decided in the council meeting that the whole matter will be informed to the government and the standard will be completed before the next session. Dr. Kripashankar, Registrar of the University said that admission in the 2019-20 session will take admission in B.Tech. Only 10 per cent less seats.
A major decision has been taken in the interest of the students in the Academic Council. Now students will be able to take the repeat subject four times in the graduate course. So far the students had the opportunity to take the repeat examination three times. Dr. Kripashankar, the Registrar of the University informed that if the student fails in any subject then the repeat examination takes place. Now an opportunity has been extended for the students. Similarly, students will be able to take repeat examination three times in the undergraduate course. So far they got two chance.

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