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MMMUT from IIT Kanpur will now do research

MMMUT from IIT Kanpur will now do research
Madan Mohan Malviya Technology University has tied up with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur for the purpose of enhancing academic cooperadonon sansthaon ke beech ak... More MOU on increasing academic and academic cooperation between the two institutions Feedback Swap to Hindi MOU on increasing academic and academic cooperation between the two institutions Students of MMMUT can now also internship at IIT Kanpur. The objective of this agreement is to develop joint educational programs between the two institutions, collaborate in Skill India and Digital India programs, interact with teachers and students, conduct joint research projects, and jointly organize other academic conferences, seminars, technical workshops Etc. to organize. Web results FREE Hindi to English Translation - Instant English Translationion. The agreement was signed by both the heads of the bodies on Saturday. On behalf of MMMUT on the MOU in Kanpur, Vice Chancellor Prof. Srinivas Singh while IIT Kanpur's Director Prof. Abhay Karandikar signed.Under this agreement, teachers of IIT Kanpur will assist in enhancing the quality of teachers of MMMUT through various programs. IIM Kanpur's teacher MMMUT will also be invited to lecture on special subjects
MMMUT teachers and research students will be allowed to use academic facilities like library, laboratories and e-facilities at IIT Kanpur. MMMUT students will also be able to do internships at IIT Kanpur. According to the agreement, the teachers of IIT and MMMUT jointly will be able to direct research projects of postgraduate students.It is also a provision in the agreement that both institutions will be able to cooperate in other academic activities of mutual interest other than written activities in the agreement.
In the last two years, MMMUT has made mutual agreements for academic cooperation from various national and international institutes and universities, in line with the suggestions and intentions received under 'Technical Education Quality Improvement Program' organized by the All India Technical Education Council, New Delhi. The agreement from IIT Kanpur is another important step towards increasing mutual cooperation from various national and international institutions.
This will not only enhance the quality of educational programs of MMMUT, but also better opportunities for students and researchers. MUUU from MMMUT has happened from many important institutions MMMUT has established the University of Ryukes Japan, Carlos University of Spain, Warsaw University of Poland, University of Wisconsin America, North Dakota State University of America, Science and Technology Council of Uttar Pradesh, Bioxis DNA Research Center, Hyderabad,NIT Surat, MNNIT Prayagraj, IIIT Prayagraj, National Environment Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur and Tata Consultancy Services have entered into an agreement for education, research and training.

In the nomination of the student union president, in the matter of nomination

In the nomination of the student union president, in the matter of nomination

Darbhanga Lalit Narayan Mithila University is now complaining about the nomination of the student union president Madhumala Kumari. All anti-student organizations have opened their fronts, accusing the accused of filing nomination. Aisa, AISF, SFI, student JDU, student RJD, JAP, NSUI, Mithila Student Union have agitated in this university headquarter and the university administration has assured all these organizations to ensure fair and regulatory action.Here, after being vocal and furious of anti student organizations, the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad also broke its silence. ABVP is now accusing the opponents of working maliciously and being ill. Now the rhetoric has started from both sides. However, in the meantime, the university administration has assured the student organizations that the process of action is going on. The Vidyavastha's favor is that according to the student union rules any dispute should be settled through grievance redressal koshang. A meeting of the Koshang has been held.
The next meeting is to be held on Monday in which the vigilance administration has given the assurance of final decision to the agitators. In such a situation, now everyone's eyes are fixed on Monday's meeting.
If the action is not taken, then the anti: Students organizations, who oppose the nomination of the student union president, say that if the University administration does not make the right decision in this matter, then the agitation will be more intense rather than pausing. Anti student organizations say that the admission test procedure for enrollment in PG is prescribed.
Common students get nomination under this process. However, all the rules were kept in the nomination of the student union president. It is alleged that this kind of work was done under the influence of the organization. On this basis, the opposition is also challenging the election. They say that when nomination is fake, how can election be correct? Says Sandeep Chaudhary, State Co-Secretary of AISI, "There was a lot of pressure in the offline nomination process, but since the online process started, everything is clear.
On the objection of ABVP, they say that in case of vacancy, the nomination of students who have applied online, but who has not applied online, how can they be nominated? There are many such students who continued to be heading the university headquarters for their nomination, but they were not enrolled even after the seat was vacant. In such a case, the nomination of the person who did not apply has only been shown by the dual policy of the University administration.
Vision Administration framed between party and opposition: In the case of nomination of the student union president, now the Vidyavasi administration has got caught in the middle of the Opposition. Whatever decision the university administration now makes, the agitation is not going to stop. In the light of the assurances given to the opponents, if decision is taken to cancel enrollment of the student union president from the grievance redressal Koshang on Monday, then ABVP will oppose it. If the case is hanged then the anti-student organization will again be furious.In both cases, it is decided that the headquarter of the University headquarters is to be built.

AICTE's action on not fulfilling standard, CSA reduced 10 percent of engineering seats

AICTE's action on not fulfilling standard, CSA reduced 10 percent of engineering seats
Candidates of Chandrashekhar Azad Agriculture and Technology University, Kanpur will be admitted in 10 percent fewer seats from the scheduled seats in 2019-20. In not fulfilling the standard, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has taken action to cut 10 percent of the university's engineering department. The University administration has decided to make the government aware of the seat cut. In addition, new seats will be admitted in lesser seats.
The academic council meeting was held in the chairmanship of Vice Chancellor Dr. Sushil Soloman on Friday in Chandrasekhar Azad Agriculture and Technology University. There are mainly two points discussed in the meeting. The first issue was taken into consideration of action taken by AICTE.
The Council had carried out surveys about the standard in the technical institutes across the state. In this case, whatever institution did not meet the standard, action was taken as seat cut, no-admission. CSA Engineering Department did not meet the Council's standards. This led to 10% reduction of seat control of the department
University administration also agreed on not fulfilling the standard. It was then decided in the council meeting that the whole matter will be informed to the government and the standard will be completed before the next session. Dr. Kripashankar, Registrar of the University said that admission in the 2019-20 session will take admission in B.Tech. Only 10 per cent less seats.
A major decision has been taken in the interest of the students in the Academic Council. Now students will be able to take the repeat subject four times in the graduate course. So far the students had the opportunity to take the repeat examination three times. Dr. Kripashankar, the Registrar of the University informed that if the student fails in any subject then the repeat examination takes place. Now an opportunity has been extended for the students. Similarly, students will be able to take repeat examination three times in the undergraduate course. So far they got two chance.

Allahabad University prepares to set up student council instead of student body

Allahabad University prepares to set up student council instead of student body
It is difficult for the student wing of Allahabad University (EVU) to be elected this time. The university administration is in the process of bringing the student council instead of the student council. The Registrar of the Evival has clarified the University's intention, while affirming the recommendations of the Lyngdoh Committee, in the High Court. Although this arrangement can be implemented only when the proposal to pass the proposal in the meeting of the Academic Council and Council of the University of the University.It is expected that the administration of the university can seal the proposal for this effect in the days to come. In the affidavit, citing the recommendation of the Lyngdoh Committee, it has been discussed mainly on two points. The Lyngdoh Committee says that in the event of a disturbance in the university environment where the election is already held, essentially the model of the student council should be implemented in the university.
At the same time, the committee has made direct voting in small university campuses like JNU, University of Hyderabad. But where the university campus is large, the number of students is quite high and there is no environment for elections, the student council should be formed there. On the basis of this affidavit given by the university, the discussion has become intensified that the decision to constitute a student council may be decided soon after dissolving the student union.The Supreme Court had only implemented the recommendation of the Lyngdoh Committee across the country to free the student union elections from money and muscle. Lyngdoh Committee recommended two models for the student union elections. The committee has said that direct voting has been done for small university campuses like JNU and Hyderabad. In the event of a disturbed atmosphere by Lyngdoh and explicitly the student council was instructed for the big campus

Online application for graduation and post graduation till May 23

Online application for graduation and post graduation till May 23
Badayun: The last date for application process for admission to undergraduate and post graduate has been increased. Applications were sought from May 7, but the last date has now been extended to May 23. Online forms will be deposited in the college till 28th May. Offline forms are being submitted after applying online at State Post Graduate College located in Housing Development.
After the application the admission process will be started. After the declaration of the results of the UP, CBSE, ICSE board, the application process will accelerate. There will be applications for a total of 1020 seats in the college. BA in 400, 400 in BCom, 80 in BSc Bio, 80 in BSc Math, 60 in MA in English, 60 in MA Political Science, 60 in M.A., 60 in MA Sociology, 60 for M.A. in Urdu for Students Will be entered.
Inset .. Access to IGNOU can take unlimited The college has also been set up to study the IGNOU. Entries begin in the July and August sessions. Online applications have started for admission in July. The applications started from May 3 have been sought since July 31. Applications are invited for admission to diploma course for six months, one and two year diploma till July 15. Through this course only can be completed by taking classes on Sunday. Smart Class will operate a day in a week
After completion of admission process in the State Post Graduate College, smart classes will also be operated from the new session. Under which students will also get online information. Along with this, students will be given brief information about any subject
NCC will start for the first time NCC will also be started from the new session in the college. Cadets will be selected in fifty seats. Only 15 cadets will be selected in the initial session. Gradually the number will increase to 50. Class seats BA 400 BeCom 160 BSc Bio 80 BSc Math 80 MA English 60 MA Political Science 60 MA Hindi 60 MA Sociology 60 MA Urdu Version 60
After the online application for admission to undergraduate and masters, the form is being deposited in Hardcopy College. The entry process is also operated in IGNOU. Interested students can take admission after the application.